Practical Muzzle Extreme Shooting Guidelines

  • Safety first. Ensure your muzzleloader is not loaded, is safe and clean. Your muzzle loader should always be in good firing order and the measured propellant loads within its design perimeters.
  • Before loading, fire your muzzleloader once or twice with a cap / 209.  Then do a “patch shot“- that is a 50 gr load of powder with patch on top, to ensure all oil and moist are removed.
  • Although all Muzzle Extreme bullets differ in weight, their identical length enables you to do the same load depth and pressure with each load, provided you use a constant charge, therefore they are loaded the same way as a conical.
  • The bullets have shown to be most effective with FFF and a minimum of 100 grain and a maximum of 150 grain is recommended.
  • A rate of twist of 1:28 or faster, is suggested for both side hammer and inline.
  • A fouling shot is recommended.
  • To get your eye in, take three shots for grouping at 30/40 yards and gradually adjust the distance.
  • As with all different types of propellant and plastic related bullets, the rifle should be cleaned after a couple of shots.
  • Find your rifle's sweet spot with the correct loads and bullets before you go hunting.
  • To see the effect of Muzzle Extreme bullets, shoot a four part ME-06 with 120-150 grains of powder into a gelatin block or soft pack.
  • After cleaning, store your muzzle loader with the barrel pointing downwards for a couple of days.

See ‘Performance’ link.

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